Today on  August 25th, 2017, 90 days prior to General Assembly we announce that 12 WAIPA members proposed following statutory amendments to be presented for approval during upcoming General Assembly. General Assembly will take place on the first day of WAIPA World Investment Conference in Dubai on November 27. According to WAIPA Statutes we are announcing the amendments on our web page 90 days prior to General Assembly.

Article V para 2 of the Statutes should be amended as follows:

“2. Fees are as follows:

  1. a) Members:

– Tier I Countries (GDP per capita up to 2’500.- USD): 4’000.- USD;

– Tier II Countries (GDP per capita from 2’501.- USD to 12’500.- USD): 5’000.- USD;

– Tier III Countries (GDP per capita over 12’500.- USD): 6’000.- USD

  1. b) Associated Members: 6’000.- USD”

Article XXIX para 3 of the WAIPA Statutes is amended as follows:

“3. The Consultative Committee of WAIPA consists of 3 to 10 members.”

WAIPA Permanent Secretariat