Welcome to WAIPA Members Portal

A community portal for Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) who are WAIPA members, where they can connect, network, and meet, share knowledge, experiences, and successes, and stay up to date with what’s happening in the  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) sector all over the globe.

IPAs Community

WAIPA Members Portal is the first community of its kind where all professionals working in Investment Promotion or Economic Development get together, communicate, and support each other.

Why join?

The value and the benefits you will be enjoying in the member portal.

Experience Sharing

The most valuable experiences and expertise are multiplied when shared and exchanged with others. Discuss in the forums topics and issues about economic development and investment promotion. Get inspired and inspire with your expertise and know-how, your next intuitive might be around the corner.


Get to know, interact and build relationships with other FDI professionals all over the world. Make use of the people directory, private messaging and more.

Exclusive Content

Resources, papers, and content that is only available for members in the portal. Enhance your investment promotion, facilitation, and more. Moreover, find a comprehensive resource section for training and development. 

Meet for Coffee

Make the best of your time when you have a trip in another city or country and meet with a colleague for a cup of coffee and some investment talk. Use the trips section for meeting people.

News & Updates

Stay up to date and keep up with what other IPAs, in different locations and industries, are doing and achieving and share your success stories for collective motivation and inspiration.

Not yet a WAIPA member?

Members Portal Features

Some of the features and options you will have when you join the members portal.

Every IPA will have its own page, where they can add brief about them, news, events and more. This page is like a profile page.

Each IPA, will have a group admin who can manage their account at the portal. They can invite members to the portal; who works at their IPA to communicate and engage with the portal community; share, learn, and grow.

Each member or employee (who belongs to an IPA), will have a profile page for where they share some information about them, to make networking with others easier and more effective.

Each IPA can share news about their milestones, successes, achievements, and more, with other member IPAs. Moreover, share events they are organizing or attending for more networking opportunities.