The World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) launched the “Capacity Building for Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) countries on Investment Promotion within WAIPA activity” project. This two-year effort (2020-2021) is co-funded by EIF and aims to improve the capacities of investment and trade professionals in least developed countries (LDCs) and to enhance their cooperation.

Project Details

Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) play an important role in attracting investments. They are often the public face of governments seeking to increase investment and promote economic and social development, and are instrumental in negotiating investment treaties, concluding investment contracts and managing investment relationships through aftercare services. In WAIPA’s experience, it can be observed that IPAs from several member countries are on a positive route. However, they still face obstacles, and this is particularly but not exclusively true for LDCs.

WAIPA contributes to efforts to promote good practices and improve the quality of services in IPAs so that they are comparable to international standards. It also functions as a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience and provides capacity building through advocacy for technical and financial assistance, with the aim of creating more empowered, efficient and successful IPAs.

The project consultant is Carlos Griffin, senior investment promotion consultant with 14 years of experience in 30+ countries. He advises and supports national and subnational IPAs on strategy, day-to-day operations, and institutional reform. He does this directly and through technical assistance projects of the World Bank Group, UNCTAD, the International Trade Centre, the African Development Bank, and others.

Due to the pandemic large portions of the program were placed virtually.

Project overview

Project title: Capacity building for EIF countries on investment within WAIPA activities

Main implementing entity: World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA)

Implementing period: 2O2O – 2O21

Target countries and stakeholder groups:

  • (08) Asia-Pacific LDCs on the path of graduation from the LDC status: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Solomon Island and Vanuatu

  • (engaging up to about 12) other LDCs in Africa


  • To improve the capacities and skills for Investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and EIF National Implementation Units (NIUs) as well as government officials in the LDCs on investment promotion and leveraging investment in trade priority sectors.

  • To improve coordination of IPAs in LDCs via regional and global networking coordination and advocacy.

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