FDI Excellence Series: Attracting Quality FDI

In many countries, foreign direct investment is key to economic recovery. Investment promotion agencies play an increasingly important role in the economic prosperity and development of their locations. An growing number of IPAs is focusing on attracting “quality” FDI that meets a range of objectives, including innovation, sustainability and stronger linkages with local businesses.

The “Attracting Quality Investment” course is part of the FDI Excellence training that WAIPA and FDI Center have been providing since 2018. Participants in the course will gain essential knowledge and skills for identifying and attracting high-value investment projects and maximizing the benefits of FDI for their economies. The training is highly practical and will cover proven techniques and best practices for attracting quality FDI. Topics to be covered include:

  • What is “quality FDI”? How can an IPA define what type of FDI is best for its location?
  • How can IPAs identify companies that have the potential for making quality investments?
  • What criteria can be used to determine whether a potential project is “high-value”?
  • What types of support do IPAs need to provide to attract higher-quality FDI?
  • How does a location’s innovation ecosystem contribute to attracting quality FDI?
  • How can IPAs measure the impact of attracting FDI beyond employment and capital inflows?
  • What can IPAs do to increase the benefits of investors once they have settled in the location?

Presenters will include senior representatives of some of the world’s best investment promotion agencies as well as leading FDI experts who will share their experience and methods with workshop participants.

The course is open to all investment promotion professionals, regardless of their level of seniority, geographic origin and the type of organization they represent. This includes national, regional or local IPAs, free zones and special economic zones, government ministries and chambers of commerce and other organizations involved in investment promotion and attraction.

Reduced fees are available for WAIPA members. Please click HERE to go to registration page or for more information.


Mar 26 - 27 2022


All Day

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Dubai, UAE


WAIPA in collaboration with FDI Center
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