Financial Investor Initiative (FII) Masterclass Series

We invite you all (members & non-members) to register for the first-ever opportunity to learn about institutional investors and the in and out of their core strategies, to expand your country’s growth through booming investments!


Part 1: ‘Demystifying Institutional Investors’  28th February 2023

This part will focus on elucidating who institutional investors are along with understanding their various types, limited and general partners, and their investment strategies including aspects such as Assets under Management, dry powder, asset classes, hold period, hurdle rate, IRR and other related terms.


Part 2: ‘Creating the Right Opportunities’  9th March 2023

The second part of the series – ‘Creating the Right Opportunities’ – will focus on helping IPAs with creating long term opportunities through favourable investment environment, investible assets, multi-lateral development banks, domestic investors, and sustainable and impact investing.


Part 3: ‘Attracting Instituitional Money’ 15th March 2023

The third part of the series – ‘Attracting Institutional Money’ – will focus on increasing the speed and efficiency of project implementation by developing infrastructure-specific investment funds, supporting the development of the debt market, increasing the mobilisation of commercial finance, partnering with EMDEs and effective monitoring for transparency and results.



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Feb 28 2023




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