WAIPA at Davos – Driving Development with Investment Alliances

Covid pandemic has been an inflection point of globalization and the recent geopolitical events demand urgent action from all relevant stakeholders. The WAIPA-UNCTAD affiliate session will focus on the increasingly important role of FDI in creating an inclusive world for all and how alliances can drive development. It will bring together policy makers, IPAs, multilaterals and corporates to deliberate and draw out action on these agenda.

The session will witness the launch of World Investment for Development Alliance (WIDA). This is the first time leading organizations from the investment for development community have come together to collaborate on growing sustainable investment flows. WIDA focus will be on developing a coherent vision for international investment, under which different investment reform processes and initiatives can be aligned and be mutually supportive.


May 23 2022


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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