IPAs of the G20 Nations

IPAs of the G20 nations’ come together to empower one another along with the IPAs of the guest invitee countries. World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) has been focusing on promoting the best investment enhancing practises and now, is working towards building an internal group on the mandate of collective growth of the G20 and guest invitee countries.

The forum will help establish a close knit of collaboration among the G20 countries enabling sustainable and inclusive economies of tomorrow. The forum will provide a structured common platform developing actionable guidance in the form of capacity building of enablers, identification of gaps, enhancement of opportunities, achievement of SDG targets and climate resilience and inclusive growth of the ecosystem.

Themes & Priorities 

Topics & issues IPA 20 will be focusing on

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Informal Consultations of IPAs of the G20 Nations

IPAs of the G20 Nations

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