WAIPA Members Portal FAQ


WAIPA Members Portal is a community portal for Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) who are WAIPA members, where they can connectnetwork, and meet, share knowledgeexperiences, and successes, and stay up to date with what’s happening in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) sector all over the globe.

WAIPA Members can join the portal, free of charge. If you are a member, join us from here. If you are not a WAIPA member, check out more details on our membership from here.

How To

Both are welcome to join!

First, an IPA or EDO joins the Members Portal and assign an Admin who will manage this IPA account at the portal. The admin will also manage inviting their employees (as individuals working at the IPA) to join the community and engage with others in the portal.

The IPA will have an official page with News, Events and other updates – managed by the Admin, and individual employees will have their own personal profile at the portal too, where they can also share news & updates and share their experiences in the discussions forum.

If you are a WAIPA member (as an Investment Promotion Agency), you can fill this form to join the portal. After your IPA joins the portal, your employees are welcome to join the community and interact with other IPAs’ employees.

You are welcome to join.

First, make sure your IPA have already joined the Members Portal by asking internally at your IPA.

Second, go to the members portal homepage, and;

  1. Click on Request to Join at the top right corner,
  2. Fill the form and register,
  3. After we accept your registration you will get a confirmation email,
  4. You are now a member in WAIPA Members Portal and you can start connecting and engaging with other employees from world wide IPAs.

How To Videos

Not yet a WAIPA member?