26th World Investment Conference Opening Ceremony

Opening Remarks | #WIC22


Mr. Ismail Ersahin, Executive Director (a.i.) of WAIPA

“IPAs have been promoting, facilitating, advocating investment, in the most difficult times. During the pandemic, we have experienced that IPAs were the best friends of investors, not only while they were investing, but also after the investment took place. They have proved that their services are not just limited to investment promotion, but they are there to create a more business friendly investment climate.”: Mr. Ismail Ersahin, Executive Director (a.i.) of WAIPA


Some other excerpts from the talk:

  1. IPAs are called bridges between government and investors. I believe it’s not fair to them, they are no longer passive and inert bridges, but the engines of FDI with their proactive approach, dedication, hard work, passion, and their vision. To the Investors: IPAs are here to make your lives easier. To facilitate your operations. To support your SDG friendly investments. And for creation of jobs.
  2. The World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies kept growing and has been the voices of IPAs from all around the world. It’s such a pride for us to represent world IPAs, and to see what they have achieved over the years, by becoming one of the most important institutions in FDI. Let this conference be an occasion to make our voices heard, for more empowered IPAs, taking more active roles, and shaping the future of FDI, and let’s join to build a better tomorrow, for our world together.