Today our first workshop within the EIF WAIPA co-funded project for LDCs on “Capacity Building for EIF countries on Investment Promotion” in a virtual format started.

Official welcomes were given by WAIPA President and Dubai FDI CEO H.E. Fahad Algergawi as well as Dr. Ratnakar Adhikari, Executive Director of the Executive Secretariat for the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

WAIPA has developed a full-fledged program to support IPAs in LDCs through capacity building, regional and global coordination, and advocacy. Thanks to EIF (Enhanced Integrated Framework) support, today we are glad to launch the training series that aims to support LDCs drive to improve the business climate, attract sustainable investment and leverage investment in trade priority sectors. We look forward to further expand WAIPA’s partnerships to deliver on our commitment to support LDCs progress and success.” said H.E. Algergawi.

In view of COVID-19 impacts, it is the EIF priority to support LDCs improving trade and invesment enviroment to attract sustainable FDI in trade led-growth sectors, to tap into the new sources of growth and to deepen their participation in the global value chains. Partnership with WAIPA and other partners is key to helping LDCs leverage additional resources to build back faster and better.” Dr. Adhikari stated.

The first workshop titled “Optimizing a country’s institutional framework for investment promotion” within the EIF WAIPA co-funded project for LDCs took a step back from IPAs as our frame of reference and looked at the big picture of everything a government does to promote private investment. The participants then examined who should be doing what, where the IPA fits, and how the various institutions can best cooperate. More than 46 participants from 10 countries participated in the first course.

This workshop was part of the first workshop series that will last over the course of four weeks.