After the last year’s first WAIPA – EIF capacity building project for least developed countries (LDCs), we are announcing the expansion of the project to reach and support even more countries.

Our second project “Strengthening Investment Promotion Capacity in Francophone Least Developed Countries” which is scheduled to be completed between 2022 and mid-2023 and will be co-financed by the EIF, WAIPA and IsDB is targeted to improve the capacities and skills for IPAs and EIF NIUs as well as government officials in francophone LDCs on investment promotion and leveraging investment in trade priority sectors.

This will contribute to improvement in the business climate and investment conditions, attract sustainable investment and leverage additional resources to development sectors to meet the SDG targets.

As announced and highlighted by Ismail Ersahin, Executive Director, a.i. »We understand that the language barrier sometimes prevents proper interaction and efficient experience sharing, therefore in reply to continued demands from our colleagues, it is our distinct pleasure to announce the lauch of the second project in French language and to keep the promise to expand our efforts for the benefit of our colleagues from LDCs.«.

WAIPA values academic information as well as place the importance of practicality during all of our training programs, therefore we are delighted to conduct this project together with collaborating partners, such as the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and inter-agencies within the WAIPA Consultative Committee for the benefit of the LDC’s with French as official or co-official language

As an active voice and advocate for IPAs around the world and with its extensive ties WAIPA aims to bring together international organisations, government officials, and representatives from the private sector and academia to create linkages and contribute collectively and continuously towards a common FDI policy and strategy with a focus on sustainable development. This will be done via a series of online and physical workshops, online roundtables as well as a conference portion.