Every year WAIPA explores different tools to better benefit its members and to provide them with different initiatives to make the World Investment Conference more valuable. This year it brought following opportunities at WIC22 to WAIPA members for the first time.

As WAIPA main objective is to assist its members to promote themselves and derive maximum benefit for their countries, WIC22 made it possible for every IPA to hire an Exhibition/Booth corner to present their current and future efforts and we were delighted to have 15 Booths on the ground.

Moreover, WAIPA also sought to make it easier to all WIC22 participants to efficiently communicate with each other and to be updated with all information, therefore we created WIC mobile application which provided an option to arrange one-on-one meetings and networking with attendees from around the world prior and during the conference, view the Agenda on the go, speakers and their bios, and get instant notifications on updates.

Furthermore, WAIPA did not forget its members who couldn’t attend physically or others who had interest to join WIC22 but they couldn’t make it. For the first time, WAIPA live- streamed all WIC sessions on its Website and Social Media channels, that was showcased on more than 100+ countries platforms. So WIC22 became accessible for everyone.

On the other hand, WIC22 witnessed the first training session and first Roundtable of the new program to enhance investment promotion capacities and capabilities of francophone least developed countries (LDCs) in collaboration with IsDB, EIF and OCO Global which was fully delivered in French. The project aims at improving institutional capacity and integration of trade and investment in LDCs to attract investment that contributes to sustainable development, particularly in SDG related sectors that those LDC governments are paying particular attention to post pandemic phase. Around 14 participants from francophone LDCs learned more about how to develop FDI strategy and the importance of Governance in the efficiency of IPA performance, also they discussed during the roundtable the recent “post-Covid” investment trends and its impact on IPA long term strategy.