Mr. Ismail Ersahin has been appointed CEO & Executive Director of WAIPA, by the steering committee. Here is Mr. Ismail Ersahin message on this occasion:

I am honoured and humbled to have been appointed as the new Executive Director and CEO by the WAIPA Steering Committee. While I’ve devoted my last 10 years to furthering WAIPA’s objectives, this unanimity is a testament to the hard work and dedication of my team, for which I thank them.

Since day one, the most crucial agenda for us has been the value proposition of WAIPA for the members. IPAs are the trailblazers for their respective countries. Primarily focused on investment attraction, IPAs by contributing to a business-friendly investment environment, also lead to the creation of good #jobs, enabling technology transfer and ensuring sustainable development. Therefore, it has been critical to engage member IPAs and provide them a platform for discussion via WAIPA and further provide technical support for their operations.

Secondly, partnerships with other international organizations working in the sphere of investment promotion has been vital for us. Through our enduring partners and our Consultative Committee, WAIPA has been able to successfully transfer of know-how to our member IPAs. This has resulted in the overall services of IPAs across various stages being enhanced.

Finally and most importantly the investors are significant stakeholders for WAIPA. Through recent initiatives such as the establishment of the Business Advisory Board, WAIPA strives to include investors’ perspectives into discussions. This will further help IPAs better align their services to understand/attract potential investors and be more active/successful in their mission while promoting, facilitating and advocating sustainable FDI.

I want to assure all our members that we will continue to strive for excellence and support investment promotion agencies every step of the way in the essential work they do.

I would like to thank our Presidency Deepak Bagla CEO&MD of Invest India and all Steering Committee Members again for their continuous support and trust, and very much look forward to bringing our World Association to the next level together!”

Ismail Ersahin,

Executive Director, CEO