“Connect – Share – Grow”,

WAIPA member’s portal launched at WIC22

To foster the implementation of one of the main objectives of WAIPA which is to promote and develop understanding and cooperation amongst IPAs, WAIPA launched its member portal at WIC22.

This community portal is specifically designed for WAIPA member Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs), where they can connect, network, and meet ,share knowledge, experiences, and successes, and stay up to date with what’s happening in the Foreign Direct- Investment (FDI) sector all over the globe.

Moreover, the portal enables the access to resources, papers, and content that is only available for WAIPA members in the portal. Furthermore, it provides comprehensive resource section for training and development.

Additionally, the member portal provides a unique tool to strengthen the networking among FDI professionalsall over the world in which you can just tick the meet section to book an appointment with any of them.

WAIPA Members Portal is the first community of its kind where it let its users create their own profiles along with IPA’s customized page to share their latest happenings, experience knowledge sharing and best practices across IPAs while promoting their own events and projects.

So being a WAIPA member will let you stay up to date and keep up with what other IPAs, in different locations and industries, are doing and achieving and share your success stories for collective motivation and inspiration.