A high-level and member-exclusive meeting was held on the 23rd of June 2022, for discussing the World Investment Report 2022 (WIR) where CEOs from member IPAs were attending from all over the world.

The meeting was initiated with an inaugural address by Mr. Deepak Bagla, resident of WAIPA, emphasizing the ever-growing need for IPAs to work together, especially in a post-pandemic world, which was followed by a presentation from Mr. James Zhan, Senior Director, Investment & Enterprise, UNCTAD.

Mr. Zhan highlighted the key findings of the WIR 2022, focusing on Global Investment Outlook, Investment Policy Developments, emerging markets, and sectors, amongst many other report determinants. He also elucidated on FDI flow patterns, post-pandemic recovery, sustainable investments, etc in his presentation.

The presentation was followed by an open forum discussion where IPA Heads engaged with Mr. Zhan around topics like Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, Trade Liberalization, FDI tracing, Tax Neutrality, etc.

Mr. Ismail Ersahin, Executive Director (a.i.), WAIPA, concluded the session by soft-launching the Member platform, which is an exclusive community portal for WAIPA member IPAs, to connect and diversify their networking opportunities.

To read and download the World Investment Report 2022, visit this link here: https://unctad.org/webflyer/world-investment-report-2022